Conference Themes

Here is a non-exclusive list of themes for the conference:

Electronic market design

Intellectual property

Electronic privacy

E-commerce and corporate culture


Copyright in an electronic environment



Cybersquatting and domain name

Legal issues in  e-Commerce 

e-commerce education

Government electronic services

Optimized auctions, models, and algorithms

Combinatorial auctions and market design

Social, cultural and ethical issues posed by e-business

Advisors: models, algorithms, and technologies

Information search processes on the web

Alternative dispute resolution in cyberspace

Multi-lateral markets

Auction and negotiation technologies

International aspects of e-business

Agent-mediated E-Commerce


Information economies

Performance Evaluation of e-Commerce Systems

Game theory

Economic models

Content creation and management

Payment and exchange protocols

Experimental economy


Marketing and advertising technology

testing of E-Commerce Systems

Multi-attribute auctions

Internet modeling and analysis

Protection of the cyberconsumer

Global E-commerce

Agent technology and e-business


Internet based decision support systems

E-commerce implications on tax, accounting, and public policy

Emerging business models for e-business and e-communities

Trust, privacy and security issues in e-commerce

Mobile commerce applications, their architecture, and technology

Service quality and customer satisfaction in e-commerce

Virtual enterprises

Distribution and e-business



Web technologies

IPv6 and related issues

Enterprise resource planning and e-business

Inter-company processes and communities of interest

E-business integrated mgt. of logistics and the value chain

Software requirements and architectures for e-commerce

Supply chains, coalitions, and virtual enterprises

Visualization tools of e-commerce data, systems

e-business adoption

e-crime and crime prevention


Recommendation and referral systems

e-commerce software development

Web-based services

Advanced e-business applications in logistics, value chain management, distribution, finance, telecommunications, transport, privatization,

Languages for describing goods, services, and contracts