Conference Themes

Here is a non-exclusive list of themes for the conference:

Electronic market design

Economic models

Electronic privacy

E-commerce and corporate culture


Copyright in an electronic environment



Cybersquatting and domain name

Game theory

Experimental economy

Government electronic services

Optimized auctions, models, and algorithms

Combinatorial auctions and market design

Social, cultural and ethical issues posed by e-business

Advisors: models, algorithms, and technologies

Information search processes on the web

Alternative dispute resolution in cyberspace

Multi-lateral markets


International aspects of e-business

Multi-attribute auctions

Internet modeling and analysis

Protection of the cyberconsumer

Global E-commerce

Agent technology and e-business


Internet based decision support systems

E-commerce and its implications on tax, accounting, and public policy

Emerging business models for e-business and e-communities

Trust, privacy and security issues in e-commerce

Mobile commerce applications, their architecture, and technology

Service quality and customer satisfaction in e-commerce

Virtual enterprises

Distribution and e-business



Web technologies

IPv6 and related issues

Enterprise resource planning and e-business

Inter-company processes and communities of interest

E-business integrated management of logistics and the value chain

e-business adoption

e-crime and crime prevention



e-commerce software development

Web-based services

Advanced e-business applications in logistics, value chain management, distribution, finance, telecommunications, transport, privatization,