Manuscript preparation instructions for journal submission:

 If you wish that your manuscript will be considered for publication in one of the two journals listed below:

Electronic Commerce Research Journal

Telecommunication Systems Journal

Please E-mail an electronic version (PDF or word format) of the journal manuscript to:

Professor Bezalel Gavish

Who will handle the review process of the papers submitted for the journals. Please indicate in your E-mail that this is a manuscript submitted through ICECR7 and your journal preference.  Additional information on the journals and the submission procedures can be found at the above URLs.


Instructions for Preparing Final Copies of Papers for the Conference Proceedings:

1.    Text should be in English, typewritten or printed at a resolution of at least 300 DPI, on one side only of 8.5-inch x 11-inch paper (if A4 paper is used, the text should be limited to 6.5-inch x 9.5-inch).

1.    Text should be formatted in landscape mode, in 10-point single-spaced type (preferably in Times Roman font), in two columns of 4.5-inch width each, with a 0.5-inch margin in between. This applies to the main body text as well as references and appendices. The text may be either left-justified or fully justified. Section and subsection headings may be in 12-point type if desired. A sample page is available in PDF-format and in MS-Word format.

2.    The title of the paper should be centered across the left column on the first page, in bold type. Author names and affiliations should appear below the title, also centered. Authors should include their addresses and email addresses.

3.    An abstract of the paper should be included on the first page. It should be in 10-point type, and less than 150 words in length.

4.    A short biographical sketch, limited to 150-200 words per author, should appear at the end of the paper (after the references) in 8-point single-spaced type.

5.    Figures and tables should be numbered and cited in the text, and should have a short caption below. Each figure should be formatted so that relevant features are legible and neat.

6.    Each page should be numbered on the back in the format "page x of y", where "x" is the page number, and "y" is the total number of pages in the paper.

7.    The conference proceedings page limit for each complete paper is 25 formatted pages. Special permission has to be granted by the technical program chair to exceed this limit.

8.    References must be numbered and ordered alphabetically by author name. In the text, they should be cited by a bracketed number (e.g. [1]). The references should be numbered and sorted by author names (and chronologically within authors).

For a paper in a journal or proceedings:
[1] King, A. B. and Y. M. Smith, "Packet Switching Networks on Cyclic Graphs", Queueing Journal, vol. 6, no. 3, 391-404 (1993).
For a paper in a contributed volume:
[2]  Boxworth, O. J., "Models of Internet Malls", in: Electronic Commerce, eds. A. K. Jones and B. Thomas, North Holland, Amsterdam, 665-668 (1998).

An electronic version of the complete formatted paper (prepared for printing on 8.5x11 inch paper) has also to be submitted, in either postscript (ps) or acrobat (pdf) format.

The electronic file should be attached to an E-mail, to arrive by May 10, 2004:

Professor Bezalel Gavish (Administrative assistant)
Cox School of Business
Southern Methodist University
P. O. Box 750333
Dallas, TX 75275-0333, USA

Tel: (214) 768-8258

FAX: (305) 832-3767
Email: Conference Program Chairman

Instructions to Latex authors:

If you use Latex, there is no need to use a style file. All what you should do is to include packages "twocolumn" and "landscape" that are part of the default Latex distribution. The commands are as follows:





Moreover, you may need to "fine tune" the appearance of its document, by changing by hand the "columnsep", "textheight", and "textwidth" environment variables. Using the following values:


\columnsep 12mm

\textheight 159mm

\textwidth 229mm


Led to the correct layout, however you can change the parameters if needed.