Scope and Goals of the Conference

Networking has been the fundamental technology fostering the development of the web and electronic commerce. Over the past few years, electronic commerce has emerged as a dramatic new model of conducting business. Advances in networking, automated processes, decision technologies, economics, and management are already forcing dramatic changes in a variety of industries, ranging from banking and finance to music and entertainment. Yet, the electronic business space is still in a relatively early state of evolution, and many of the significant advances in understanding the interaction between the two fields and their impact on the implementation of e-commerce are occurring in academia and industry. Thus, a dialogue on the interaction between the two fields and between academia and industry is important. As electronic business spans a wide range of reference disciplines, forums focusing on networking and e-commerce research are vital to stimulate the necessary interactions and knowledge sharing across this broad community.


The 2012 Networking and Electronic Commerce Research Conference (NAEC 2012), follows the successful NAEC conferences which were held in the same location. NAEC conferences bring together academic and industrial researchers from various fields on an ongoing, annual basis to discuss developments and challenges of networking and electronic business understood in the largest possible sense of the term. The aim of the conference is to provide a high quality forum for the presentation of results, exchange of ideas, and scientific discussions on challenges, methodologies, new technologies and their impact, computational and deployment issues, policies and advanced applications in the area of networking and e-business. The Global Economy is currently driven by the following factors: The International Financial Crises, Emerging Business Oriented Innovations, New Models of Intellectual Property Rights, and Accelerating Progress of Information Communication Technologies. These changes created new Techno-Economic business opportunities, supported by the new e-commerce with its wide scale growth and impact. This will be one of the central topics of the 2011 NEAC Conference.

Our goal is to open the conference to participants from all fields, in particular, telecommunications, computer science, management sciences, and operations research, economy, legal and policy studies. The conference will combine technical presentations grouped in research sessions, with industry and research plenary speakers, as well as industry-lead panels.


Papers submitted for presentation at the conference will be refereed and selected based on the full paper (15 to 35 pages) or an extended abstract (2 to 4 pages). The papers or abstracts have to be submitted through E-mail, by May 25, 2012 to Professor Bezalel Gavish. All papers selected for presentation will be published in the conference proceedings. Refereed full papers will be considered for publication in the Networking and Electronic Commerce Journal or the Electronic Commerce Research Journal or the Telecommunication Systems Journal. Further information and instructions are posted on the conference web site.


Paper e-mailing address:

Professor Bezalel Gavish, ITOM, Southern Methodist University, Tel: (214) 750-8474.


Professor Bezalel Gavish

Eugene J. and Ruth F. Constantin Distinguished Chair in Business

ITOM Dept.

Southern Methodist University

P.O. Box 750333

Dallas, TX 75275-0333